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Pearson TestNav Student Install Instructions
Updated a year ago

  1. To download software:
  2. Choose the Windows .msi button
  3. The file will start downloading. Once the download has finished at the bottom, click on it.

4. You should receive a pop-up requesting to allow access. Click “Run.” (Note: If using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browsers, you may be prompted with a yellow bar at the bottom. Click “Run” on the bottom bar)


5. After the installation is complete, there should be a shortcut on the homescreen for a TestNav desktop app. If you open the app, it should open as a white screen that says TestNav with a blue loading bar on the bottom. If all you see is a white screen, close the program and re-open.

6. Once TestNav is opened, students may choose The ACT option for the ACT test, or Minnesota for the MCA/OLPA test.


Note: When opening the 1st time, students may be prompted to allow administrative permissions to TestNav. Click Allow to give access.

Students will be routed to a login page. The test name will be listed over the username textbox. To switch users if needed, click the person icon and select Choose a different customer to go back to the test selection section.


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